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Fear of death coming to the surface of daily life: Relationship between fear of death and development of technology. When I was reminded of the impressive memories of the last two weeks, the most memorable one had to do with the moments in situations arousing surprise or anxiety. This deeply piqued my interest because these experiences often led me to take action to change or correct my behavior. As I was reading the Epic of Gilgamesh and some scholarly readings about Gilgamesh, I was able to triangulate three ideas with the fear of death. 


By using the patch-writing method (triangulation: With two texts excerpted from the readings and one from my notes, I patched them together to make a short paragraph.) I was able to explore a new condition that raises questions of the fear and anxiety coming to the surface of daily life. Then, I designed an animated flyer to deliver the message more vibrantly and playfully.   

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